“Better Policies, Better New Mexico”

Government spends too much money for unacceptable results. New Mexico’s economy, education, crime, poverty and child wellness rankings are dismal.

As your Governor, I will create the possibility for every New Mexican to have a better life.


Create diverse business opportunities for recovery, reopening, expanding and retention.

Rural and urban businesses eligible for tax incentives and/or small interest loans.

State Water Compacts to be renegotiated while negotiating new Mississippi River Compacts.

Never raise taxes, and reform Gross Receipts Taxes by eliminating pyramiding.


“First Americans Act” for the 23 sovereign Nations, absolute educational empowerment;

“Universal School Choice Act,” a voucher program for all K-12 students;

“Unlimited Charter School Act,” statewide opportunity to create innovative schools.


    Consolidate Executive Cabinet Departments (27 to 10), end duplication, bloated bureaucracies, cloaking transparency and create business friendly Commerce Department; 

    Stop wasteful spending, keep our annual State General Appropriations budget within line of incoming projected revenues just like every New Mexican household does. 

    Eliminate State debt and debt service liabilities to increase our State Bond rating. 

    • Both ERB and PERA State Pension funds are unsustainable, 
    • Space Port America never made a profit in twelve years, 
    • Rail Runner Commuter Train, will never make a profit, ridership doesn’t pay operations let alone touch its debt.
    • Film Industry Tax Incentive Program, currently pays back the Hollywood movie industry close to 30%…talk about a cashback card. 

    LAW and ORDER

    Support Law Enforcement with a three officers per 1,500 citizen’s standard, add mental health component, judicial support reform, and end the failed Bail Reform process for violent offenders;

    Decommission the Children Youth and Families Department to Divisional status under the Public Safety Department due to child abuse, neglect and murder need immediate responses.