Tim Walsh for New Mexico Governor 2022

“Better Policies, Better New Mexico”

I am running for Governor because ALL New Mexicans deserve Liberty and Opportunity.

Government is the Problem.

New Mexico’s State Government spends too much money for “Unacceptable” results.

Significant rate of return on annual State Budget – General Appropriations Act investments the last twenty years are “NONE.”

Failures funded by the GAA

  • Economy – failed
  • Education – failed
  • Crime – failed
  • Poverty – failed
  • Child Well-Being – failed
  • Fiduciary Responsibility – failed
Democrat and Republican politicians are responsible for wasteful spending, increased debt and agency mismanagement.

Time for a Better Governor, one that will create the possibility for every New Mexican to have a Better Life.

News & Press Releases

*Free Thinking Voters – Please help. Feb.1, 2022 DEADLINE for delivery @ Secretary of State Office
Verify (or change) party affiliation: select Libertarian.

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Tim Walsh for New Mexico Governor 2022

Tim Walsh for Governor

New Mexico

Walsh 2022 Agenda Priorities

Economy, $7.1 billion State Investment Council investment in rural and urban businesses through tax incentives and small interest loans to recover, reopen, expand and stay in New Mexico. Instead of those dollars being invested in foreign markets I want that capital to be invested here in our businesses to grow a diverse economy.

Education, to legislate three bill proposals that would revolutionize how educational services would be provided by the State for Kindergarten through the twelfth grade (Public School Support).

  • First Americans Act, provide absolute educational empowerment to the 23 sovereign Nations (unprecedented).
  • Universal School Choice Act, provide a voucher program for all K-12 students supported by the Student Equalization Guarantee Funding Formula dollars from the GAA,
  • Unlimited Charter Schools Act, a statewide opportunity to create innovative learning environments.

These three proposals will enable competition to determine the best schools to attend, a free market environment for all.

A better future investment in comparison to the $40 billion spent the last twenty years for ZERO significant student achievement results, year to year.

Meet Tim

Tim Walsh, founder of Trident Tuition Funds nonprofit charitable organization.

“I am running for Governor because all New Mexicans
deserve Liberty and a non-partisan Leader.”

Tim grew up in Bismarck, North Dakota in a single income family of nine that put food on the table by hunting upland game birds and deer for the freezer and growing fruits and vegetables for the root cellar.

His call, “Liberty for All” will be backed by the truth and nonpartisan Leadership.

Free thinking Libertarians, Independents, Democrats and Republicans are welcome to join his grassroots campaign of freedom fighters to unify New Mexico.

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Tim Walsh with his running mate Harper